Let's Break It Down!

  • No Annual Fee, No Sign-On Fee, E&O Included!
  • $39 per month ($59 with a Luxury Presence Agent Site)
  • $275 for your first closing of the month
  • $175 every transaction after, for the rest of the month (Teams $200)
  • Individuals are Capped at 44 Sales, only $75 per transaction for the rest of the year.
  • Teams are Capped at 68 Sales, only $75 per transaction for the rest of the year.

Bonuses Galore: You also keep 100% of the Broker CC Fee (+$450) on your Listings, plus any Office/Admin fee, if you charge your Seller, up to $495.       

Yes, most agents are making over 100% commissions!

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What your $39 per month Includes

  • E & O Insurance
  • Easy-to-use Transaction Software 
  • E-Signature Platform and CRM
  • Mobile APP to deposit Closing Checks
  • Agent BIO on the Company Luxury Presence Website
  • Company Leads through Opcity
  • Training to GROW your business beyond your "Sphere of Influence"
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Where is your office located?

We are located in the Arboretum of South Barrington at: 100 W. Higgins Rd, H-55 South Barrington, IL 60010 (next to Calibre Coffee)

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Do you offer a professional office for client meetings?

Yes, we have a beautiful retail location in the Arboretum of South Barrington. It provides an open office space and a conference room to meet your clients. We also have workstations, scanners, and printers at no additional cost to print contracts and listing agreements.


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Do you have company events to get to know other agents?

YES! We meet at Pinstripes often located here in the Arboretum. You can also have client events in the Spring, Summer, and Fall during the concert series events.

*Also, as an agent of Real 1 Realty, you receive up to 25% off the Shops and Restaurants in the Arboretum. Including PinStrips!

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When Do I Get Paid? How do you pay?

You will get paid by ACH direct deposit 24-48 hours after closing. Our easy-to-use transaction software makes this simple!

*Also, every agent can download our free banking Mobile App to deposit checks instantly. No more driving to an office or bank to drop off a title check!

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If I want to switch to another brokerage, do I retain my listings?

Yes. no hassle, no additional fees. Any listings under contract will continue to close with Real 1 Realty at the normal low transaction fee. You will get paid in the same 24-48 hrs as any other agent. Any listings that are not under contract can be terminated with your client's permission.

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Why Should I Switch to Real 1 Realty?

Now is the time for experienced agents to leverage themselves to be the most profitable in Real Estate. Be smart, have fun, and make your Real Estate business grow.



What is the process to join Real 1 Realty?

Very Easy! You log into your IDFPR account and move your Broker License in a few easy steps.

Transitioning to a new company may seem stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Schedule an appointment today to learn how to make a smooth transition.

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